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Rivetnut Technology Systems is a leading supplier of fasteners, especially rivets and weld nuts, also selling other kinds of fixing such as brass/steel wood inserts or rubber insert for additional strength when needed onsite. 


If you’re a business owner, you know that staying ahead of the curve is key to your success. That’s why we were so excited when Rivetnut Technology Systems came to us via Handsome Design, looking for help launching a new e-commerce website.

We knew it would be a challenge, but our team was up for the task!

RTS’s new website offers a convenient and easy way to purchase products from their warehouse in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Next day shipping is available, so purchases are delivered quickly and without delay. The new website also includes an update blog where they share news with customers as well as updates on popular items for sale.

TGA - 2023 Rivetnut - Shopify Website - 1920x1280px Image
TGA - 2023 Case Study - RTS Shopify Store - 1920x1280px Image

Design Process

Keith Robbins, Creative Director at Handsome Design approached us with a series of bright and shiny designs for RTS’s new e-com website. His goal was to create a website that would be light and bright but also professional enough in its tone so it could work well on any platform – from smartphones all the way up through desktop computers!

Incorporating a new logo sharp angles and clean lines to work with new colour schemes, fonts and branding, we took the fabulous new designs and implemented a draft look & feel, customising an premium Shopify theme to match the creative-design by Keith and his team. 

Once signed off by the client we embarked on creating a new online store within the development domain, adding page content, images, blogs and product data to bring the designs to life.

Killer Features

The search and filtering system used on the RTS website makes finding products a piece of pie.

Users are able to search by product name, part number or any part thereof, as well as filtering by product type, band, shape, material, style and material thickness. All critical when seeking the right kind of fixing.

When you select a product to view, options to buy are immediately highlighted, as well as alternative products and data sheet downloads.

By migrating their RTS's website to a new e-commerce website Rivetnut Technology Systems online presence will improve dramatically.

Super fast page load speeds are standard within Shopify websites, as well as high-grade SSL security certificates, which means user experiences will dramatically improve.

TGA - 2023 RTS Shopify Store - Product Detail  - 1920x1280px Image
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