ISCE rebrands to ISCVE

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With ever-increasing numbers of commercial of audio-visual engineers, converging technologies and a willingness to embrace new members, the ISCE has rebranded to ISCVE Ltd (The Institute Sound, Communications and Video Engineers). Announced just this week the re-brand for ISCVE paves the way for a very bright future as they broaden appeal and expand their training programmes to attract wider scopes of commercial audio, communications and visual sectors.

Website rebrand and re-home

We were delighted to assist the team at ISCVE across many fronts including the re-homing and rebranding of their website to their new domain –

The movement of their existing website required creation and provision of new web-server space, domain management, DNS set-up and implementation of name, text and image changes to more than 100+ web pages to match ISCVE’s new branding. We also added new training pages to complement the ISCVE’s audience in commercial audio-visual sectors.

ISCVE is an accredited CPD training provider, CPD being one of the most recognised standards by government, public and private sectors for training and continuous improvement, offering a comprehensive range of training programs across commercial audio, live audio, voice alarm, public address and audio-visual sectors.

Members and Events Platform

We also provided technical support for the ISCVE’s Wild Apricot membership and events platform. The ISCVE currently has more than 700 members and supporting members. The Members and Events platform provides membership subscription, events registration and ECS card purchasing for the ISCVE and required re-branding and moving to a new member domain


Marketing Communications

We were very pleased to assist the marketing team at ISCVE with their marketing communications  to their members, the wider audio community and trade publications via timed communications, to coincide with the new website and membership portal launches.

Social Media

ISCVE has a very strong social media presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, operating a number of groups and we are very pleased to hep with the re-branding of these channels whilst also using them to communicate the news of ISCVE’s rebrand.

Thank You and Good Luck

We’d like to take this opportunity of thanking the President, Directors, Management Teams and in particular the Marketing team at ISCVE for choosing to work with us on these projects. We are excited by the immediate and longer term development plans for ISCVE and wish everyone the very greatest success, even in these challenging times, the future for ISCVE looks very bright.

You can read a Full Case Study here.