Applications Solutions (Safety & Security) Ltd

We are privileged to have produced a number of brand marketing assets for Applications Solutions (Safety & Security) Ltd including a full exhibition stand for use at ISE, one of Europe’s largest commercial AV exhibitions, as well as a number of case studies, product data sheets and a 32-page full colour brochure.

ASL is a class-leading global provider of public address and voice alarm systems certified to EN54 for public safety. There products are installed in some of the world’s largest airports, train stations and nuclear power stations and are manufactured to the highest safety standards.


ASL choose to stay in touch with customers via a regular monthly newsletter, entitled ‘Voice’ used to to highlight ASL’s new product developments, up to date industry news, customer training opportunities and staff developments.

Produced in HTML and layed out in MailChimp for distribution, the Voice newsletter is circulated along with exhibition invites, on a regular basis to ASL customers.

Delivery reports, clicks and opens are also provided  by us to the management teams at ASL for monitoring and improving future newsletters.

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Case Studies

ASL products are installed in some of the world’s leading transport hubs and nuclear power stations, where safety is critical and paramount.

We have been privileged to be called upon to research and write a number of feature case-studies for ASL, including the largest installation of ASL projects at Ringhals Nuclear Power Station in Sweden.

We were also delighted to report on the successful re-opening of Holmestrand Railway Station in Norway, opened by the Prime Minister of Norway and featured as Project of the Month in Installation magazine.

Case Studies are the perfect tool for showcasing your company’s work and can prove very useful in winning over clients to secure future business.

Exhibition Stand Design

ASL is a regular exhibitor at national and international trade shows including Firex, Railtex and ISE (Europe). ASL also regularly supports overseas distributors at international exhibitions and events.

For ISE  and Firex we have been proud to produce the design and artwork for the exhibition stands, maintaining ASL’s brand standard whilst highlighting and showing off the company’s products to existing and potential new customers.

For Firex we secured the exclusive image rights from a prestigious London photographer to use an image of the city (which was actually 36 separate digital images digitally stitched together) to depict all of the places ASL products are found.

We are able to take care of all liaison between stand builder and the client to ensure the exhibition stand is ready on time and looking spectacular.

Full Colour Brochure

ASL is a British manufacturer of class leading voice alarm and public address systems designed to EN54 certification. As such they produce an array of networked audio products, loudspeakers and

The solutions available from ASL for transport,  commercial, retail, power and stadia, are highlighted in this beautiful full colour brochure alongside application examples, drawings and case studies of the solutions in use.

We were delighted to produce all of the artwork, drawings, texts and images for the new brochure and provide full colour proofs in advance of printing, in readiness for one of ASL’s annual exhibitions overseas in Amsterdam.

The brochure is finished in matte soft-luxury feel pages in keeping with the company’s brand guidelines and in support of the advertising campaign ‘protecting people on the move’.

Pop Up Graphics

We were asked by the sales team at ASL to produce a large pop-up display exhibition for Railtex as the company had taken advantage of a last-minute offer to exhibit at the rail transport exhibition held at the Birmingham NEC.

For the larger than normal, 5 metre Jumbo, pop up display we designed two sets of interchangeable graphics which allows it to be used for additional regional and dealer events post-Railtex.

We also designed matching counters (x 2) for use at Railtex but with a generic enough design to allow the team at ASL to use them for dealer visits.

As the NEC has strict guidelines regarding ‘space-only’ bookings we also ensured all criteria regarding design were met and approved allowing ASL to have a smooth, trouble free build up and event.

Product Data Sheets

We were delighted to be called upon by the Product Manager at ASL to assist with the refresh of the product data sheets.

It is important for ASL to show consistency of brand across all marketing materials and the product data sheets were re-visited and existing data sheets were updated whilst data sheets for new products, including a range of loudspeakers, were created.

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