The Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers

We are proud and privileged to have been working with the Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers for a number of years. Primarily looking after the marketing communications, social media and website on an ongoing basis as well as producing a monthly e-newsletter to members, supporting members and subscribers.

We advise with branding, where required and support the marketing team at ISCVE Ltd with day-to-day design, content and image requirements to assist with ensuring a professional, consistent brand image is maintained on an ongoing basis.


The Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers has a long history.

A meeting of eight public address traders and contractors took place on 21st April 1948 at the premises of National Sound Reproducers in Ealing Road, Wembley Middlesex. The eight parties present formed a trade body named the Association of Public Address Engineers, and known as APAE .

An inaugural meeting of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers took place at the Royal Festival Hall, London on 22nd November 1979. On 1 August 2020, the company formally amended its name to ISCVE Ltd.


The ISCVE Ltd continues to embrace members from all disciplines in sound, communications and visual engineering market sectors.

With the convergence of audio and visual technologies ISCVE Ltd recently re-branded and renamed from ISCE to embrace its wider audience and members.

In doing so it was important to recognise their heritage of brand, members and position in the market whilst embracing new members too.

We were delighted to rebrand the logo to ISCVE, carrying this across to rebrand member and supporting member logos and create new visuals for use on the corporate  website to enhance their existing position in the markets they serve.

We also rebranded all of the social media channels adopted by ISCVE for communications with members.

ISCVE Logo RGB - 150dpi


Our brief was to replicate the original ISCE website on a new domain whilst replacing all logos, text and images reflecting the old brand.

We began by creating webspace on the VPS server, already in use, for the new domain and migrated a back-up copy of the existing website to the new domain as a development domain.

Working with the marketing team at ISCVE Ltd we systematically worked through more than 200+ web pages replacing text, soft links, hard links, logos and images until the task was complete.

We installed a new SSL certificate on the new domain and moved on to managing the changeover for all of the third-party integrations with the ISCVE website, including Hubspot, whereby we updated more than 20 forms hosted on the ISCVE website.

We also replicated/replaced a host of API’s that were in use for other applications including MailChimp and Wild Apricot.

Finally on switchover and launch day, our tech-stack developer took care of all of the page re-directs from the old website to the new website. This was handled server-side at htaccess level to make for the smoothest of switchover whereby all of the old pages were individually redirected to the equivalent or new page on the new domain.

Our developers also took care of registering the sitemap for the new domain with Google Search Console whilst also registering a change of address for the old domain.

The new website for ISCVE Ltd was launched, initially to members and supporting members, the morning of Monday 3rd August 2020.

Members' Portal

ISCVE Ltd manages the membership renewals for circa 700+ members/automatically via a third-party application (Wild Apricot).

ISCVE also manages event registrations for training seminars, exhibitions and ECS card registration and payments via the same portal.

Payments are managed automatically via Stripe.

Our brief for this project was to rebrand the membership portal to the new ISCVE Ltd branding, freshen up the home page with new images and renew the branding across  all of the automatic event/registration reminders, payment receipts, invoices etc.

We were also asked to ensure that members registered on the portal could continue to gain access to the members area of the of the ISCVE Ltd website, requiring a plugin/API integration.

Marketing Communications

For the brand project to ISCVE Ltd we were asked to work with the ISCVE marketing team to prepare a number of written communications, including;

  • The President of ISCVE’s e-mail communication to members and supporting members
  •  Communications to the audio, visual and communications trade press
  • e-Newsletter to a wider audience

These were written, signed off and scheduled for sending/release at the appropriate times to coincide with the new website launch to members and supporting members.

We subsequently prepared a host of social media communications to be published in the following days and weeks.


On our part we’d like to thank the President, Directors, Management Teams and in particular the Marketing team at ISCVE Ltd for choosing to work with us on these projects.

We are excited by the immediate and longer term development plans for ISCVE and wish everyone the very greatest success, even in these challenging times, the future for ISCVE looks very bright.

Nick, on behalf of the Directors and Council, I would like to thank you and your team for the great work done in the last few weeks on the rebranding of the Institute

Phil Price, Director

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