Perfect Octave Specialist Business Music Provider

Perfect Octave is a specialist background music provider, delivering high-quality music playlists for organisations with multiple sites looking for consistency of brand, reliability and great user functionality across each location. They focus on delivering high-quality business music systems on time, on brief and on budget.


We authored, designed and created a bespoke e-book download content offer, hosted on the new Perfect Octave website. The e-book has been downloaded numerous times and has been one of the company’s most succesful download offers. We utilised Hubspot forms on website pages to capture detailed website visitor details.

We used a number of complementary blogs and social media posts to drive website visitors to download the e-book offer before Perfect Octave’s business with customers in retail, hospitality and leisure almost ground to a halt with Covid-19 in March 2020.

Case Studies

We have produced a number of Case Study PDF ‘s for Perfect Octave to allow them to show off their skill sets and successes to future and existing clients. These are designed to a brand standard to present a consistent brand image.


For Perfect Octave we worked with an existing logo and adopted a blend of modern and heritage styling for branding across their marketing communications.

Traditional Serif and modern Sans fonts were carefully chosen to reflect theĀ  technological approach offered by Perfect Octave’s solutions to market, whilst also recognising the heritage of the brand owners and the history they have within the market sectors in which they operate.

Using light and shade with fonts in this way is a popular method of creating interest to the eye, a little like a sound engineer mixes sound at different levels to avoid everything being the same.

Although Perfect Octave is a relatively new organisation the brand owners experience and dedication to the markets they serve is reflected in the styling adopted across the brand’s assets.


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