Workmask UK - PPE Supplier

Workmask UK is a start-up PPE supplier, established during Covid-19, to supply healthcare, key workers, friends, family and colleagues with essential PPE supplies, including face masks, face shields, hand sanitisers, gloves, aprons and more.

Since inception Workmask has gone on to provide 100’s of customers in healthcare industries, beauty and cosmetics industries and lifestyle,sports and fitness businesses with products.

Workmask put to good use our skills in e-com, marketing and brand creation to establish a new business venture from almost nothing overnight. Now several months later Workmask is processing daily online orders, has become one of Shopify’s top 10% stores launched during Covid-19 and is a stockist for one of the UK’s leading BSi certified face visor manufacturers.


Within a matter of hours we had created a brand identity for Workmask. Looking to become a reputable supplier of PPE during the Covid-19 crisis, the team at Workmask wanted us to create a brand that was approachable, reliable and trustworthy, but it also needed to be relevant for the healthcare industry.

Our design team team produced a colourful logo, icon and social media graphics to allow us to develop an online presence for Workmask within a matter of hours.

The branding was also applied to the online e-com store created within Shopify.



In addition to being a Hubspot Solutions Partner, we are an accredited Shopify Partner too.

For us Shopify represents the best e-commerce solution for start-ups and small to medium size enterprises and for Workmask we took care of all of the technical set-up within Shopify to register and create a domain space at

Domain registration within Shopify can be more cost effective than registering and buying domains elsewhere, when you consider the additional costs of purchasing SSL certificates required for B2c or B2B e-commerce.

For Workmask we opted for the Shopify Basic plan at $29.00 per month, which includes all hosting, DNS management and SSL certificates required to operate an online e-com store.

Within 24 hours we had an up and running e-com store, with a number of products  and collections listed, all integrated with Shopify payments, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Shopping and Paypal for managing secure payments for sales.

This allows Workmask to accept payments from customers on a platform of their choosing.

Growth Stack of Apps

We integrated a full stack of apps with Shopify including Hubspot for CRM management, as well as a host of native Shopify apps including;

  • Facebook Shop
  • Instagram Shop
  • Messenger
  • Live Chat (Hubspot)
  • Google Shopping
  • Carro (Influencer marketing)
  • Click & Drop
  • Bundles
  • Kit
  • Quickbooks Bridge
  • Seguno Email Marketing
  • Stamped io Reviews and UGC
  • Wholesale Gorrilla
  • PieSync

Of all of the apps installed for Workmask a number of these really stand out as offering e-com store owners some incredible features and whilst the cost of the apps does add to the monthly running costs for the e-com store, a number are just top-drawer and do lead to success.

Our Top 3 Apps

Our top three, okay four, okay five, favourite apps for Shopify include;

  • Bundles – used for creating and managing product bundles within the e-com store
  • Click and Drop – this is the Royal Mail integration that allows shipping of parcels via Royal Mail to become a dream
  • Segune – Email marketing – more on this later (see Automations)
  • Wholesale Gorilla – an app that allows Workmask to offer B2B and B2c pricing, invoicing and order processing from a single store
  • Piesync (see Automations for more)

Top 10% of Shopify Stores launched

Within weeks of launch the Workmask e-com store has been listed for a number of weeks in Shopify’s top 10% of stores. This is measured by Shopify comparing web traffic and conversions. We think that’s pretty cool from a standing start, at a time Shopify has seen the highest number of e-com stores launched during Covid-19, in its history .

Marketing Communications

Of course, there’s no point in having a great brand and a great e-com store if nobody knows about it.We undertook an enormous database building and management task for Workmask, very quickly growing a contact database from zero to thousands, and very quickly converting contacts to hundred’s of customers, yes hundreds, within a matter of weeks.

This has been achieved using lots of tech to help us build leads using paid-advertising, collecting data using hubspot forms and employing live-chat using Hubspot.

Live Chat

Live Chat for B2C is essential and truly has been a revelation. Almost immediately, during and following all of the sales and marketing email campaigns, the live chat channel began to buzz with enquiries.
We have been preaching the virtues of Live Chat for sometime and it really is apparent customers like to chat using live chat, when they choose to.
And this can be at any time of day and night. Which makes for e-com stores selling 24 hours a day.

Sales emails

We embarked on a personalised outreach ‘sales email’ campaign, sending very personalised, individual and contextual emails to thousands of contacts. Not in a spammy type way but one that added value by including helpful content within the personalised emails with very genuine offers to help.

In the space of 6-8 weeks we have been able to convert very cold leads into warm leads into customers, with a programme of sales and marketing emails nurturing and educating, rather than selling.


Automations is a buzzword right now for all websites and e-com stores. With Hubspot, Piesync and Seguno, automations are built in.

Okay, with Hubspot you need the Sales Pro, Marketing Pro, or Service Pro Hubs to access automations (and sequences) but Automations in the world of e-com stores is just life-changing.

What do we mean exactly?

Abandoned Cart's

Automations have always been an essential part of the ‘Abandoned Checkout’ process.

This means should a customer get as far as checkout but leave without buying, most e-com stores are set up to deliver one, two or three timely reminders, automatically.


Seguno is an automated email app that sits within Shopify. It enables you to create marketing newsletters from within your Shopify interface.

Nothing too outstanding or spectacular there I hear you say, except…..


With Seguno a number of automations are built in.

As an example welcome emails to new customers, abandoned checkout emails (as many as you want to set up are triggered automatically), new purchaser emails, repeat purchaser emails, review request emails, lapsed purchaser emails, blog post emails are all included, as standard.

This is incredibly time-saving and once you have created your templates and set your triggers, you can sit back, review the results and refine as appropriate.

There’s a whole world of other automations you can create using Tags too.

Just brilliant.


With a PieSync Pro subscription the potential with automations is limitless, yes limitless.

PieSync is an app that synchronises data between apps. At its simplest level if you have a contact database in Google, MailChimp, Hubspot and Shopify, PieSync keeps them synchronised. With some simple mapping set-up between the two you can have a completely unified database, very easily.

PieSync can become expensive if you have large numbers of contacts but the efficiency is mind-blowing.

For Workmask we used Piesync to synchronise contacts between Shopify and Hubspot. Where it really gets exciting is that we also used PieSync to automate a number of processes.

As an example , if a contact has received a number of marketing communications but never clicked or opened them, they can be tagged in Shopify with ‘Not Interested’. The tag is used to trigger a ‘would you like to opt-out’ email from Seguno but also is used to move contacts to a ‘Not interested’ list in Hubspot. Equally if the customer responds to the opt-out email by saying they’d like to stay ‘opted in’ they are tagged within Shopify as ‘opted in’ which triggers an automatic ‘thank-you for staying with us’ email from Seguno.

Not only are automations key to managing data they are used to trigger follow up phone calls and email tasks within Hubspot, but all automatically.

Again, just brilliant.

Ready to Grow your e-Com Business?

We have been working with a number of e-com platforms over the course of many years including WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. Whilst it is a matter of choosing the right platform for the business, the first-class integrations within Shopify really do make it a great solution for B2B and B2C customers.

Why not schedule a call to discuss your e-com requirements, we’re here to help.