Launchpad website for Finch534 Agencies

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Client News

We were delighted to help the guys at Finch534 Agencies get online with a launchpad website this week.

Finch534 Agencies, run by brothers Steve and Alan Finch, is a business that links manufacturers and sales channels in the UK. Representing a number of key brands including Rolec (Electric Vehicle Chargers) and Linian Supply Co Ltd, there really aren’t many products that Finch534 is not able to link up supply chains for.

We built the launchpad website with WordPress sitting upon an existing GoDaddy domain registration and server service (already in place with the client) underpinning the website build with a Hubspot CRM integration.

Hubspot CRM allows the guys at Finch534 to track website interactions from prospects, more than 10,000 existing contacts and more than 7,000 existing companies, within a single platform.

Hubspot CRM also tracks interactions, with the Hubspot Sales extension, with outgoing sales (Outlook/GMail) and marketing (Hubspot/MailChimp) emails to provide greater insights into which activities are producing the best results across their growing database.

We wish them every success, good luck guys.