Cloud Supports Jubilee Sailing Trust – Tenacious

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Client News, Content

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has been “Changing Lives” since becoming a registered charity in 1978. Through the extraordinary vision of a dedicated group of people to make a dream a reality, the Jubilee Sailing Trust regularly takes both disabled and able bodied people to sea on two square rigged sailing ships in the fleet, Lord Nelson and Tenacious.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust brings together disabled and able bodied crew members, accepting all degrees of disability including wheelchair users, visually or hearing impaired, stroke victims and more recently regularly welcoming Help for Heroes military veterans.

Having recently updated the general audio broadcast systems on the ‘Lord Nelson’ ship a similar upgrade is about to occur with ‘Tenacious’ on its return to port. Using a number of Cloud paging microphones, with automatic messaging functionality, the audio broadcast system is an essential tool for keeping ships’ crews informed of daily routines and emergency situations requiring attention.

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