ISCVE Launch Voice Alarm Standards Manifesto

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Client News, Content

This week sees the launch of the ‘Voice Alarm Standards’ manifesto by the Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (ISCVE). Following a lengthy consultation process, which included polling and questioning more than 100+ international and UK companies, the publication of ISCVE’s Voice Alarm Standards manifesto and proposed standards is a culmination of more than twelve months work by the Institute.

It is hoped the Voice Alarm standards will be adopted by voice and fire alarm installation manufacturers, installers and licensing bodies, with the ultimate goal seeing it adopted by local authorities and regulatory councils, to improve fire and voice alarm safety standards in buildings, including;

  • Retail, commercial or exhibition buildings
  • High-rise office buildings, taller than six storeys designed for occupancy by 500+ people
  • Entertainment and sports facilities with 1500+ capacity
  • Cinemas / Theatres with 600+ capacity
  • Hospitals / Care Facilities with 200+
  • High-rise public buildings of six storeys or more
  • High-rise collective residential buildings and hotels with more than 200 beds or with six storeys or more
  • Metro and underground rail stations in accordance with Section 12 definition
  • Stations and ports, intended to hold more than 500 people or DfT classified grades A-C
  • Airports, intended to hold more than 500 people

Find out more by visiting the ISCVE’s Voice Alarm Standards web page.