Luzec Chateau Spa Hotel, Czech Republic

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Steeped in history dating back to the 14th Century, the Lužec Chateau Spa Hotel near Karlovy Vary which has been an extraordinarily popular Czech spa for more than 600 years has a history of people ascribing healing powers to Karlov Vary’s thermal springs long before the establishment of the town. Lužec Chateau was built on the basis of a royal decree of the Czech King Charles IV in the 14th Century as a place the King could spend the night during the royal hunting season.

Today the Lužec Chateau Spa Hotel is a modern representation of the hunting lodge of King Charles IV with its appearance and interior furnishing stylised to transport you back in time into the glorious history of the 14th Century Chateau. Enormous decorated metal doors, historical lamps, armour, royal coats-of-arms, trophies and the architecture itself allow guests to delight in the royal pomp and cosiness, to maximum effect.

The hotel is often a chosen destination for the world’s glamorous, rich and famous seeking recreation and treatment there, as well as attending the annual International Film Festival, celebrated by European and American movie stars for more than the last fifty years.

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