Web Refresh for Workmask

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Client News, e-Com, Websites

New Year, new website. Okay not entirely new, but for Workmask Uk an updated theme, slicker page load speeds, simpler checkout process and more app integrations with Shopify Reviews and Seguno automated email marketing.

Workmask is currently busier than ever with the latest strain of Covid-19, so the time to re-invest in another website update, the third in nine months, to cater for a range of new products and increased demand seemed appropriate.

The new premium website theme update from Shopify offers slicker page load speeds, improved navigation and enhanced page and image image handling, essential for improving basket conversions.

New app integrations allows improved synergy between customer reviews, website product pages and Seguno, the automated email app for Shopify customers.

We also took the opportunity to move thousands of contacts into Hubspot for improved segmentation and sales outreach emails. This allows Workmask to reach out to potential customers more easily with new product information and social media updates (highlighting the charitable efforts made by the company to support local care workers).

Workmask was launched in May 2015 and has since supported hundreds of care workers, care homes, education and business with high-quality products including 100,000’s of UK manufactured splash-proof disposable face masks.

Find out more by visiting Workmask here.

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