Lisa Spalding – Inbound Marketing Specialist

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Inbound Marketing

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Spalding, Director and Inbound Marketing Specialist for Nick Spalding Ltd has passed her Inbound Marketing exam with the Hubspot Academy today.

The Hubspot Inbound marketing course covers key marketing techniques that range from content creation to social promotion to converting and nurturing leads and beyond.

‘We use HubSpot for our business and for our clients to join the dots between all aspects of inbound marketing campaigns. This includes blogs, CTA’s, landing pages, e-newsletters, forms, SEO, analytics and reporting which we integrate with the CRM within Hubspot to provide a single resource for management and reporting’, comments Lisa.

‘We love the visibility Hubspot provides, as well as the transparency and reporting for all inbound marketing campaigns’, adds Nick Spalding, Director. ‘

‘An ever-growing number of business owners consider it a requirement to tick a box for social media for their businesses, but social media is a very small aspect of all that is required for a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign. Hubspot provides us with the tools for strategizing, planning and executing comprehensive campaigns that provide tangible and measurable results on a minute by minute basis so that real returns on investment are completely measurable’, concludes Nick Spalding, Director.

‘I was delighted today to pass the exam today’, adds Lisa Spalding, ‘as it re-affirms the knowledge we have as an agency and Inbound Marketing specialists’

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