What are the mechanics of lead generation?

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Generating leads – both high in quantity and quality – is a marketers most important objective. A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the funnel full of sales prospects while you sleep.

Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 marketers feel their lead generation campaigns are effective. Really?

There can be a lot of moving parts in any lead generation campaign and often times it’s difficult to know which parts need fine tuning.

“Leads are the metric that, as marketers, we rely on because leads mean money.”

In this series of guides, we expose the top 30 techniques marketers should utilise to increase leads and revenue.

These tactics have been tested over the past 7 years and have been used by 8,000+ customers of Hubspot to generate more than 9.8 million leads last year.

So what goes into a best-of-class lead generation engine?

The best lead generation campaigns contain most, if not all, of these components. From a tactical perspective, a marketer needs four crucial elements to make inbound lead generation happen;

  • Offer – An offer is a piece of content that is perceived high in value. Offers include ebooks, whitepapers, free consultations, coupons and product demonstrations
  • Call-to-Action – A call-to-action (CTA) is either text, an image or a button that links directly to a landing page so people can find and download your offer
  • Landing Page – A landing page, unlike normal website pages, is a specialised page that contains information about one particular offer with a form to download that offer.
  • Form – You can’t capture leads without forms. Forms will collect contact information from a visitor in exchange for an offer.

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