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Hubspot Agency Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

So this week we completed our 8-week Agency Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp with the Hubspot legend that is Dan Tyre, and what did we learn? Well, let me start by saying it has been intense. And it definitely isn't for the faint hearted....

Weeks 1-3

In week 1, Dan  likes to 'wheedle out the chaff' and quite clearly states that many of the bootcamp attendees will drop out in weeks 1-3.

If I am perfectly honest we considered it after weeks 1 and 2.


This Bootcamp is quite an undertaking.

This Bootcamp is a lot of additional work.

You have to commit to doing the weekly seminars with Dan, you have to commit to one-hour of homework per day, you have to commit to one hour a day of identifying leads and prospecting, otherwise you fail the course.

And, after week 1, you find yourself walking down the high street in the evenings, practising connect call greetings, a hundred times, with strangers looking at you as if you are mad.

And if that is not enough to put you off, Dan takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to do things you put off doing, things that will actually make a difference to your business and will help it grow, things that somehow always seem to fall off the list.

Identify and Prospect

Every day.

One hour a day.

Every morning starts with identifying two leads and researching them.

Every afternoon involves calling at least two and following up previous with voicemails, emails and calls.


Make the Calls

Dan recognises not all Agency Partners have sales reps or business development teams. (We currently don't but will be adding in 2021).

It doesn't change that all businesses want to convert more leads and generate more business, whatever kind or size of business they are.

And often the only way to do this is to make the calls.

Through this process we have moved our position of putting off making calls to actually enjoying them.

Dealing with Objections

The Bootcamp has taught us how to deal with objections, promoted active listening and created confidence for making calls when we otherwise might have not had any.

During roleplay sessions (yes I absolutely feared them at first), we gained confidence, week after week, so that by the time we got to week 8, we didn't even need a script to refer to, we were comfortable in handling objections, confirming our position and asking questions to establish pain points and where we can offer help.

Positioning Statement

During the Bootcamp we reviewed and renewed our agency positioning statement which has helped us understand our niche, our ideal client and where we should be heading. It has also helped us appreciate the value offer we bring to clients and how we position ourselves going forwards.

Deal Pipeline

As an agency we now have a deal pipeline.

We didn't before the bootcamp.

I know that sounds crazy but we never prospected for sales before the bootcamp, until then relying entirely upon word of mouth.

Most growing businesses will tell you relying on word of mouth alone is not enough.

Following the completion of this bootcamp, we now have a deal pipeline, in excess of £150k.

From zero.

In 8 weeks.

The Benefits for us as a Hubspot Agency Partner

Hubspot-Lion-Lead-generation-BootcampAfter completing the bootcamp we are able to help our clients generate more sales leads, show them how to find, convert and nurture them, using inbound sales and marketing methodologies and teach them how to GROW Better.

Dan, I want you to know, I came off the Zoom call after week 8 and literally shouted, I'M A LION, much to the amusement of my colleagues (and Ora our Spanish Water Dog).

Thank you for your motivation and support, it has been inspirational.

Thank you to my 1529  Bootcamp cohorts.

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
05-Nov-2019 16:30:00
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