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If you are anything like me you must find yourself repeatedly typing over and over the same text in emails to different contacts during the course of a working week.

The repetition is dull and the time wasted is plenty.

Well, with the Snippets tool, a free tool included in Hubspot CRM no longer will you have to re-type over and over the same text.

The Snippets tool allows you to save up to 1,000 different snippets of text for recall at the touch of a hashtag to recall it. Now this might be the first few lines intro of an email, it might be the main core or the sign off signature, or indeed variations of all of the above.

Another great example for use is if you find yourself adding the same hyperlink or web url to an email, why not save it as a snippet and save yourself some time?

The point is you only have to create them once and if you include Hubspot personalisation tokens, your email can still be personalised, contextual and relevant to the recipient.

The Snippets tool is in addition to Templates, another great time-saving tool we'll cover in a separate video and tips post later.


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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
02-Sep-2020 10:30:00
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