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Austria & Bosnia Hotel, Sarajevo choose RASA and Cloud

The Austria and Bosnia Hotel is located in Ilidža in the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s been a hotspot for elite tourism since 1892 and dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire when it was designed by Czech architect Franz Blazek.

In May 2018, the hotel underwent a transformation, adding a dash of modernity and sophistication to its ancient charm. The process involved, among many other things, the installation of numerous state-of-the-art technology products and a suite of new audio equipment.

The Bosnian company Rasa D.o.o worked with Cloud products to imbue the Austria & Bosnia Hotel with an audio system capable of delighting its many guests and filling its rooms with clear and crisp sound. This involved the use of a wide range of products.

This included PM16 Paging Microphones. Designed for general purpose multizone applications, these can also be used with non-Cloud products to deliver seamless coverage of the entire building, paging each audio zone individually. They’re also compatible with Cloud’s older range of paging microphones, and this model comes with 16 zone select buttons, allowing it to work in the maximum number of zones.

2 Cloud DCM1 Digital Control Zone Mixers were also installed. These contain a digital control interface, easy to control remotely with LCD digital controllers. This makes it significantly easier for staff to control the audio in the building. The DCM1 blends simplicity and sophistication by combining analogue I/O and signal path with digital control.

Cloud-Electronics-Austria-and-Bosnia-Hotel-Image-3The zone mixer works alongside 11 wall controllers, CDR-1WF Remote Music Source Selects, which allow for localised control of zones. This way, staff members can easily control and change the audio in a certain part of the hotel by themselves without leaving.

In addition, Rasa installed 2 CXA6 Multi-channel Amplifiers. Designed to work without emitting distortion, they ensure smooth and uninterrupted sound quality across six channels.

On top of this, the Austria and Bosnia Hotel now also benefits from 4 CXV425 Line Amplifiers, which work without a transformer. This way, the hotel gains high-quality amplification without the drawback of cost, saturation, and size that comes with a transformer.

The DCM mixers service 14 zones. They include a large restaurant with 500 seats, a nearby cafe bar, an older restaurant with 250 seats, a large terrace in front of the hotel, two conference rooms, the lobby, swimming pool, and spa. They also cover the garage and every floor of the hotel.

For Rasa, Cloud was the obvious choice when it came to audio products. They see Cloud solutions as easy to install, durable, and beautiful. Upon completion, the system worked perfectly and was quickly ready to go.

Haris Sadiković at Rasa said, “One of the most significant factors when choosing Cloud was how easy the technology is to control by employees. This saves a huge amount of time and frustration and allows for a much more seamless process when delivering high-quality sound to the entire hotel.”

Rasa also noted how Cloud’s products never fail and deliver consistently great sound to all customers.

Rasa used Cloud technology to deliver numerous benefits to the Austria and Bosnia Hotel. Now, this centuries-old building can be filled with modern sound, circulated through a system of Bose speakers.

By creating and easily controlling sound, the hotel staff can create a unique ambience and atmosphere for all their guests, adding a special touch to their experience and helping build an environment they won’t want to leave.

Cloud Electronics Ltd
Cloud Electronics, UK manufactures high-quality commercial audio products including Zone-Mixers, Multi-Channel Amplifiers, Paging Microphones, Headphone Audio Distribution and Loudspeaker products for audio applications in Retail, Hospitality, Education, Commercial and Leisure markets.

Cloud continues to expand its product range to meet the needs of many different venues. Cloud equipment is at the heart of more than 100,000 establishments throughout the world from ocean liners to houses of worship, from five star hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants as well as the high street outlets of the world’s best-known brands.

Cloud Electronics USA has been operating since 2012, located in Park City, Utah providing sales, system design, stock distribution and after sales support in North America.

All Cloud products carry a Commercial 5-Year warranty.

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