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New Case Studies for Perfect Octave

We have been busy this month redesigning web pages and PDF's for Perfect Octave, to bring their case studies in-line with their recent design refresh for their website and eBook designs.

Perfect Octave is a leading music provider for restaurants, bars, cafes, retail stores and sports venues, including in this instance Holland & Holland, a high-end sports shooting club and Le Pain Quotidien, a fresh-food restaurant chain. We recently produced their successful eBook, Playing Music in Your Business - Everything You Need to Know

Case studies are an invaluable tool to showcase your company's efforts or specialism in particular sectors or fields and are great for winning client confidence.

Case studies can also be great tools for helping buyers make decisions to go ahead with your services or contracts and in our experience are often underused by lots of companies.

We often hear people and companies say they do not promote their great work or want to showcase themselves because they are afraid of competitors stealing contracts. Whilst this may be true in some very explicit cases, case studies are also a great tool to overshadow potential competitors so they stand less chance of stealing your contracts or work, particularly if your company shares case studies in email and social media campaigns to new prospects, leads or existing customers.

Case studies are great resources for your website and should be used to nurture and educate new visitors on your company's unique offer or excellent knowledge or service. They are also perfect for highlighting how technical challenges have been overcome by you and your great teams.

If you'd like to improve your company's visibility through showcasing your great work with Case Studies, we can help you.

Read Full Case Studies Here.

Case Studies
Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
28-Feb-2020 12:09:25
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