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Cloud New Surface Speakers - Shipping

Following the introduction of four new speaker models at ISE 2016 by Cloud Electronics, the CS-S3, CS-S4, CS-S6 surface speakers and the CS-C3 in-ceiling speaker are now available and shipping. Designed for commercial audio projects in Retail, Hospitality, Industrial and Leisure markets the new speaker models are complementary additions to the CS-C In Ceiling Speaker Series introduced during 2015.

The new CS-S3 3” full-range surface speaker uses clever angled rotational planes along with an innovative omnidirectional mounting system allowing integrators to rotate and aim the CS-S3 at any point within a space. Cutting edge styling, easy-mounting and excellent acoustics make the CS-S3 an exciting proposition for Retail and Hospitality applications.

All new speaker models are shipping from Cloud Electronics in Sheffield, United Kingdom, where they are extensively tested prior to shipping.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
31-Mar-2016 10:32:32
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