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Cloud Z4 and Z8 MK4 - Shipping

Dec 2015, Cloud is shipping its new MK4 versions of the Industry Standard Z8 and Z4 Venue Zone Mixer.The Z-Series of Venue Zone Mixer from Cloud Electronics, first introduced to the market in 2005, is established as the most reliable solution for multi-zone audio applications in hospitality, leisure, retail and commercial markets.

The Z-Series offers simple, intuitive control for end-users and straight forward installation for system integrators but with flexibility to provide independent zone source/volume selection per zone, paging per zone and independent remote input options per zone, all from a reliable, tried and tested analogue design.

The new MK4 versions have been developed directly as a result of listening to existing installers and system integrators and adding features to improve this already popular model. Whilst the familiar front-panel remains almost untouched, the back-panel of the MK4 models have been re-engineered with a number of improvements.

XLR-microphone inputs are replaced by balanced phoenix style connections for microphone 1-2 and analogue paging microphone, a new Digital Paging Interface with gain control has been added and allows direct connection via RJ-45 of all Cloud’s Paging Microphones and, if required, a link to multiple Zone Mixers.

Music source input connections have been upgraded to two RCA phono connections and four balanced / unbalanced phoenix style connections. An brand new SMPS has been incorporated in the new designs to allow for many more Cloud LM-2 Active Input Plates to be used.

A music-mute contact (NO/NC) connection, standard on all Cloud Zone-Mixer and Mixer-Amplifier products is included and optional connection of analogue remote volume / source controls per zone are also included.

Z8 MK4 Venue Mixer - Details Here

Z4 MK4 Venue Mixer - Details Here

The new Z8 and Z4 MK4 Venue Zone Mixers will both be exhibiting for the first time at the forthcoming ISE 2016 exhibition in Amsterdam and can be seen at the Cloud Electronics booth no.7-P170.

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14-Dec-2015 10:21:45
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