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Customer Satisfaction Survey for Perfect Octave

We recently implemented a customer satisfaction survey for Perfect Octave, which is hosted and available for customers of Perfect Octave to complete online 24/7. Ian Graham, Managing Director for Perfect Octave contacted us as they wanted to implement a customer satisfaction survey each time they complete an installation of their curated music for business services.

We were able to very quickly integrate an online survey with their website and collate all responses in a Google spreadsheet for later dissemination by the customer service teams at Perfect Octave.

Ian comments “I’m really pleased with the professionalism of the survey and the speed with which Nick Spalding Ltd were able to set it up for us and share with our customers. It looks great, is simple to access, via mobile or desktop, giving us the feedback we need to monitor our customer service and support levels”.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
23-Jul-2019 09:30:00
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