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ISCVE launch Remote Invigilation Service

The Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (ISCVE) is delighted to announce the launch of its remote invigilation service for HS&E Assessments. The new online service means applicants who need a valid HS&E certificate to accompany ISCVE ECS card applications, can now take their HS&E assessment online.

Prior to the launch of the new service in conjunction with ECS, applicants for HS&E assessments were required to take a test at an approved centre or at an event organised by ISCVE. The new online service reduces the requirement for travel to centres and allows applicants to take the assessment without having to leave home or the office.

The new service means applicants now have the opportunity to securely and safely complete their HS&E assessments online using just a web browser, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays. Results are published immediately once assessments are completed.

“The launch of this new service overcomes any social distancing challenges applicants may face when requiring an HS&E assessment, as it can now be taken in the workplace or in the comfort of their own home. New pages on our website allow members to apply for ISCVE ECS cards and apply for their HS&E assessment, all at the same time” confirms Ros Wigmore, Secretariat, ISCVE.

“Once an application is received, we provide the applicant with all the necessary information on how to take the HS&E assessment.  With an automated online monitoring software, using an artificial intelligence program, we can verify the identity of the person taking the assessment and constantly monitor the delegate and record their exam performance.  We’ve already processed a number of new applications in advance of officially launching the new service and going forwards, this will make the application and assessment process simpler and more convenient for our members, allowing them faster access to their assessment and their ECS cards”, concludes Wigmore.

For further information, visit;

ECS Card Assessments

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
26-Apr-2021 13:13:17
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