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Improved Conversions for Workmask UK

We recently built a number of landing pages for leading B2B PPE provider Workmask UK to help generate sales leads and enquiries for a new product added to their range.

Landing Pages, a feature of Hubspot Marketing, enables us to produce compelling offers for customers looking to find out more about a particular product. By filling out a beautifully crafted and very short form, built using the  Hubspot Forms feature, visitors can download a complete product information pack, and if required, request a callback from the team at Workmask UK.


Increased lead generation

Since launching the product Landing page, which can be viewed here, form submission rates have been running at approximately 10.42% of page views, so for every 100 page views, 10 new contacts are being added to the contact database automatically within Hubspot CRM. Automatic follow up emails are also being sent to new leads generated by the form submissions, using Hubspot automations, to move users further along the buyer journey.


More Clicks and Opens for Marketing Emails

We have also been using Hubspot CRM to really fine-tune the segmentation of the contact database for Workmask so they are able to send timely, contextual marketing emails specifically targeted to market segments, job profiles and requirements.

As an example Workmask’s database contains more than 10,000+ records for contacts and more than 38,000+ records for companies. Using filters within Hubspot CRM we are able to create automatically updated marketing lists that are very clearly defined and segmented. This leads to Workmask’s marketing emails being sent in numerous but very small batches, with very clear messages, to very defined contacts leading to improved open and click rates.

Increased checkout conversions

TGA-Conversion-Rate-Image-for-Workmask-UKAs a result of taking a more targeted approach to sales outreach and marketing emails Workmask UK is seeing an increased conversion rate at checkout for its web visitors.

What does this mean exactly?

The checkout conversion rate is the number of visitors who complete purchase after visiting a specific product or landing page. Industry standard figures vary from between 1-2%. This means form every 100 web visits 1-2 will convert into sales. Workmask UK has been experiencing 3.1% which means that 3 or more of every 100 web visits are converting to a completed sale at checkout, as the attached graphic from Shopify illustrates.


No FB, Google, Ebay or Amazon!

Due to their advertising policies, ‘medical’ products can not openly be advertised on Facebook, Google, Ebay or Amazon. This makes the success at driving traffic and conversions to Workmask slightly more remarkable, as it has been achieved WITHOUT any pay-per-click ads, audiences or pixels.

Imagine the success we could achieve with a product that can be promoted openly on these platforms…?

If you are running an e-com store and need help driving traffic, perhaps we can help?

Lisa Spalding
Post by Lisa Spalding
03-Mar-2021 14:30:00
My accounts and administration experience in a number of blue chip organisations has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in many different areas. I am an excellent communicator and have a good understanding of how organisations work, which enables me to provide insightful solutions on complex problems. I am highly organised and have great attention to detail, allowing me to complete projects efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality. I also have strong experience working with Hubspot to provide solutions.