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How to create voice-overs for your product explainer, social media or Tik Tok videos using Speechelo Text to Voice software

Have you ever wished you could have a professional voice-over for your videos without having to hire a costly voice actor?

Well, now there’s a solution!

With Speechelo Text to Voice software, you can create high-quality voice-overs for your videos in just a few clicks.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy it is to create your own voice-overs using Speechelo.

Step 1: Enter your text

The first step is to enter the text that you want to be converted into a voice-over.

You can either type it out yourself or copy and paste it into the software.

Once you’ve entered your text, you can then choose from a variety of different voices and languages.

Step 2: Choose voice and language

Once you’ve entered your text, it’s time to choose the voice that you want to use for your voice-over.

Speechelo offers a wide range of different voices and languages to choose from. Simply select the one that you want to use for your video from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Listen and download 

Once you’re happy with the voice and language that you’ve chosen, simply click on the “GENERATE” button.

Speechelo will then generate a high-quality mp3 file of your voice-over which you can then download and use in your video.

It’s that simple!


Creating professional quality voice-overs for your videos has never been easier thanks to Speechelo Text to Voice software.

In just a few clicks, you can create high-quality voice-overs for social media videos, product explainers, or even Tik-Tok videos!

So what are you waiting for? Try Speechelo today!

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17-Sep-2022 17:46:10
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