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Hubspot Updates: Our Top Picks - June 2023

As we approach the halfway mark of 2023, HubSpot has been busy making some exciting updates to its platform. Our team of experts has compiled a list of the top picks for June 2023, which we believe will help boost your business and streamline your marketing efforts. While some of these updates are already live in your portals, others are currently being rolled out.

We are particularly happy with the Ad tracking for Carousel Ads in LinkedIn addition this month. If you have any questions about any of these updates, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're always happy to help you navigate the latest changes and make the most of HubSpot's powerful features.

1. Hubspot App Marketplace - 15+ updated and 70+ new integrations

HubSpot's App Marketplace offers a vast array of integrations to help you grow your business with HubSpot. With over 1,250 integrations available and new ones being added and improved every day, there's something for everyone. To explore the App Marketplace, simply click on the marketplace icon in the top right of your HubSpot portal and follow the prompts to install any desired app.


Which Portals Get it?

Regardless of the app you use, the HubSpot App Marketplace is available to all customers. However, subscription levels and permissions may vary, so be sure to refer to the app's listing page in HubSpot's App Marketplace for more information.


2. AI content assistant for Socials, Sales Chrome for Gmail, Web Pages and Landing Pages, Blogs and more

As the field of AI continues to expand, HubSpot has been at the forefront of its development for many years. Now, with HubSpot's AI-powered content assistant, you can easily generate highly personalised sales emails, cold outreach, and follow-up messages in a matter of seconds. Whether you're crafting social captions, outlining blog posts, or editing existing text to better fit your brand's tone, the content assistant is there to assist you.

It can be utilised in virtually any part of the HubSpot CRM, CMS, Sales, and Marketing Hubs, providing a seamless and efficient experience for all users.

We've used it quite extensively already and it's pretty quick, handy for Page Meta Titles and Descriptions, for example.

To use content assistant in the blog editor, either type a "/" in the blog post body area or highlight some existing text in the blog post body area. 

When you type a "/" in any rich text editor in the products listed above, you'll see a menu of options appear for generating text.

Once you've selected one of the options from the menu, such as "Give me ideas" or "Generate a paragraph," the content assistant will present a preview window where you can provide a prompt about the topic you want the generated text to cover. After generating the text, you can choose to edit it or directly insert it into your post.

If you ever need to modify already existing text in the blog post editor, simply highlight the text and a small button will appear at the end of your selection. Click on the button and you will be presented with a menu of actions to choose from, allowing you to easily edit your highlighted text.

blog highlight command menu

When you select an option, the content assistant will present a preview window showing its proposed updated text, and you can either rewrite it or insert it into your post, replacing the text you had previously highlighted.

Which Portals Get it?

All Hubs and Tiers - Public Beta


3. Create Tasks and Tickets in Microsoft Teams

The integration between HubSpot and Microsoft Teams has recently been updated, allowing users to seamlessly create tasks and tickets and associate them with HubSpot records without having to switch between systems. This update makes collaboration in Teams more effective, as it eliminates the need for users to constantly switch context and potentially miss out on important information exchanged between teammates.

Creating tasks and tickets can be done in two ways: from a new conversation by selecting the HubSpot bot from the "Messaging extensions" button, or from an existing message by clicking "More options" and then "More actions".

Both methods are shown in the GIF below:

Hubspot Teams Tasks Integration


Which Portals Get it?

This functionality is available to all users of HubSpot’s Microsoft Teams integration - Public Beta


4. Ad Tracking for LinkedIn Carousel Ads

The latest update from HubSpot is bound to bring a smile to the faces of those who were struggling with LinkedIn carousel ads. Earlier, HubSpot was unable to provide tracking for these ads, but not anymore. With this new feature, you can track ad interactions and create targeted email follow-ups to convert leads. Additionally, you can also view full ROI reporting if a contact goes on to have a deal.

Previously, due to API limitations, LinkedIn carousel ad tracking was not possible with HubSpot. However, with the latest update, this limitation has been eliminated. You will now be able to track ad interactions and create targeted email follow-ups to convert leads.

Moreover, you can view complete ROI reporting if a contact goes on to have a deal. This change will allow you to see all the excellent reporting you can see for your other tracked LinkedIn ads (Cost Per Lead, Number of Contacts, etc.), and have the Ad Interaction on the Contact Timeline. This feature will enable you to create lists, emails, workflows, etc., based on this ad interaction.

If you have already turned on Auto Tracking for your LinkedIn ad accounts, Hubspot will automatically start tracking any live LinkedIn carousel ads.

If you haven't turned on Auto Tracking and want to, you can navigate to Settings > Marketing > Ads and turn on the toggle for Auto Tracking next to the LinkedIn ad account.

Which Portals Get it?

All Hubs and Tiers - Public Beta


5. Integration Sync Card for Dynamics 365

Do you need extra confidence your Dynamics 365 integration is syncing with the right records? You can now view Dynamics 365 sync status and linked records directly from the contact record. This feature is available for contact, company, and deal records in HubSpot.

By having the sync status directly linked to a HubSpot record, it provides a more precise representation of your data. You can easily check if a record is syncing, the last time it synced, and which Dynamics 365 record it is linked to. If you need to further investigate your sync, you can use the Settings page to get an overview of your Sync Health and the Integrations Sync Card to analyse individual records.


For those looking to go in the opposite direction, the "View in HubSpot" link in the HubSpot Embed for Dynamics 365 can help you identify which HubSpot record is linked to your Dynamics 365 record.

Which Portals Get it?

All Hubs and Tiers - Live Now

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