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Introducing the Travel Picks UK Blog Website - Hubspot CMS Free Tools

Are you pondering which website solution suits you best? Perhaps you're weighing up the idea of launching a Wordpress, Shopify, or Hubspot CMS website and finding it tricky to choose the right tools. This blog gives you a peek into a website we just launched using Hubspot CMS Free Tools.

Introducing Travel Picks UK Blog Website

We're thrilled to share the exciting news about our new blog site, Travel Picks UK. The website captures our adventures exploring the UK as caravan novices during our free time.

For those interested in following our blog, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, at the bottom of this link. We'll keep you posted after each UK trip, uncovering the treasures this wonderful country has in store.

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The Benefits of Using Hubspot CMS Free Tools

We opted to launch the website with Hubspot CMS free tools to delve into the potential of this fantastic FREE tool. Down the line, we might need to switch to Hubspot CMS Starter or a similar option once we reach the limit on pages or blogs. For now, it's a superb tool for sparking new ideas and business ventures.

We got our new domain sorted with 123-reg, and setting it up in Hubspot CMS free tools was a breeze. With the drag-and-drop page builder, we quickly got our web pages up and published our blog posts in no time.

Opting for the Free website themes in Hubspot, you can go from zero to hero in a flash, and your new website is up and running in a jiffy.

Exploring Social Media Tools for Visibility

We'll also dive into various social media tools like TikTok, SEMRush SEO tools, and SEMRush Social Poster to enhance our website's visibility and ranking. TikTok is a new venture for us, so we're excited to see its unique offerings compared to other platforms. We’ve noticed viewing figures for our posts in this particular niche are already impressive.

We'll also be utilising SEMRush SEO tools, including the SEMRush Site Audit, to instantly spot any errors or oversights we may have made during the rapid construction of this new website. 

SEMRush Social Poster stands out as a top tool for scheduling and posting on social media platforms. Naturally, you need the content ready to post, yet this tool simplifies calendar management wonderfully.

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Engaging with Audience through Newsletter

We've also chosen to utilise the Blog Tool in Hubspot CMS to automatically create a weekly newsletter for our subscribers. It will showcase the adventures we've had as caravan beginners while touring the UK.

To stay updated on our blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We'll update it after each UK trip, uncovering the wonders this country has in store.

Showcasing Recommended Products for Traveling

We've also made the choice to add a Mini Reviews page that showcases some products we, as caravan beginners, had to purchase to kickstart our journey. Plus, we've thrown in live links, just in case you're thinking of touring the UK and need the same items.

Reach Out

If you’d like to build a blog with Hubspot CMS or need some help getting started we ‘re here to guide and assist you. Reach out to one of our team today. Alternatively if you'd like us to include any of your favourite trips on our travel blog send us the details here!

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20-Jun-2024 13:11:18
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