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I was passing St Paul's Cathedral yesterday en-route to a photography / web-cast / PR assignment and was fortunate enough to stumble across this art installation of a Welsh Dragon, installed on the street just opposite the entrance to St Paul's Cathedral.

Installed by the Visit Wales organisation for just one day, yes just one day, the Welsh Dragon will be appearing in cities across the UK. When I enquired where the next port-of-call for the dragon might be, I was told the mystery would only unfold the very next day when the dragon is un-veiled at the next city. Support staff for the art installation are advised only hours before arriving at the next city so as to keep it a secret.

Here's a few facts and figures, the Dragon weighs one tonne, and took a team of 15 people six weeks to create it. The dragon first appeared at Caerphilly Castle on St David's day,  is 4 metres long and was majestically created by prop design specialists Wild Creations.

I have to admit to being totally captured by this creative 'street-mob' style of marketing. It works and the story totally captivated me, so absolutely well done to the teams at @VisitWales for being so imaginative.

You can find out more on Twitter by following @VisitWales

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
26-Oct-2016 10:19:07
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