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Marketing needs to become a regular activity

Think of it as a Marathon not a sprint...Regular marketing activities need to become a habit of your organisation if you are to stay at the top of your game. What do we mean by this? Well, it is much better for ‘marketing’ to become part of your regular workflow and your regular routines for it to be at its most powerful and effective.

Sure, any marketing is better than no marketing at all but we know of lots of businesses that are too busy to find time to carry out marketing activities and it is the task that most commonly slips off the bottom of the to-do list. When you make marketing your habit, it becomes more effective and easier to manage.

The magic toothpaste!

Don’t wait until you're not busy. We regularly get called by companies to carry out some ‘magic-marketing’ when the company is having a quiet period.

We hear people say things like ‘we did some marketing and we had some really busy months but now its all gone quiet again'.

Which reminds us of the TV advert for toothpaste, where a dentist recalls patients telling him they stopped using the magic toothpaste because their pain had disappeared but now it has returned.

Our message is keep using the magic toothpaste, don’t ever stop, in fact do it every day. It is the same for effective Inbound marketing.

Think of Marketing as a Marathon not a 50m sprint!

We regularly meet customers who say ‘we did some marketing once and it didn’t really work, so we gave up’. Marketing always works, even when it doesn’t.

Marketing is something that needs to be carried out regularly, consistently and is tested, adjusted, carried out again, tested, adjusted and carried out again, in fact ongoing and continuously to be at its most successful.

There is not a single successful  organisation running the same marketing campaign it was 5 years ago, or even 5 months ago.

Keep it fresh, keep it evolving, make sure it is tested, measured and adjusted, which, by the way, takes regular effort and commitment.

A lot like running a marathon.

Marketing regularly is much better than once in a blue moon

It is important to stay in customers’ minds. Regular marketing activity puts you, your company or your product and services in front of your customers more often, and if it's done well, at a time of their choosing.

If you consider a certain furniture manufacturer or hamburger company appearing on TV promoting products or services again and again and again. And then once more. They never stop.

Even if your product range or service changes little, customers need to be reminded about what you do and what you offer, even if you think they know it.

Create Experiences

The most successful companies use marketing strategies to develop 'brand experiences' which go much further than only publishing content on every platform possible. They truly engage with audiences and use Inbound Marketing methodologies to create fully personalised and interactive experiences.

In this video we think it highlights the very best examples of Inbound Marketing, being on platforms your customers are, when they have identified a pain point and need to find you.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
15-May-2017 08:00:00
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