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More Pilot Pens, Pencils and Highlighters for LBM Art & Stationery website

Since launching one of the UK’s largest independent stationery suppliers’ new website in June 2022, we have been busy beavering away in the background adding new products to LBM Art & Stationery’s new e-com store.

We recently added the Pilot Pen range of ballpoint pens, Frixion erasable pens, Gel Ink pens, Highlighter pens, Liquid Ink pens, Marker pens, Mechanical pencils and Fine writing pens and inks.

The variety of pens available is endless! From pencils to highlighters and paint, there are so many options that you’ll never need another one again. And with a wide selection for every occasion under the sun (or whatever colour it may be), your creativity will have no limit as well.

LBM Art & Stationery, established in 1959 by the current owner’s father, is one of the UK’s largest independent stockists and online retailers for Filofax, Pentel, Pilot and Winsor & Newton products.

An established authorised dealer for Pilot Pens, LBM Art & Stationery’s new e-com store now offers the following Pilot Pen ranges;Pilot Ballpoint Pens

The Pilot Ballpoints are a must-have for any writer. They’re durable, reliable and give you the confidence to write your best thoughts with ease!

Find out more visiting the Pilot Ballpoint Pen product pages here.Pilot FriXion Pens

The new Pilot FriXion® range of erasable pens in a range of exciting colours will make your life so much easier! You can find everything you need including refills or erasers too.

Find out more visiting the Pilot Frixion Pen product pages here.Pilot Gel-Ink Pens

Pilot G-2 Gel Ink pens have been instantly recognised across the globe because they come in a variety of colors, making them ideal to use whether you are at school or work. They also suit other purposes such as education and business too.

Find out more visiting the Pilot Gel Ink Pen product pages here.Pilot Highlighter Pens

With Pilot Highlighter pens available in a wide range of colours and pen thicknesses, you’ll never have to worry about not being able find the perfect shade for your needs. So go ahead – highlight!

Find out more visiting the Pilot Highlighter Pens product pages here.Pilot Liquid Ink Pens

The iconic Pilot V5/7/10 pen is instantly recognisable across the globe and with grip, retractable & cartridge refills they’re perfect for longer writing sessions. These pens also work well in school or business environments too.

Find out more visiting the Pilot Liquid Ink Pens product pages here.Pilot Marker Pens

The Pilot Marker pens come in a variety of colours and nib thicknesses. They’re perfect for school supplies, office work or travelling!

Find out more visiting the Pilot Marker Pens product pages here.Pilot Arts & Craft Pens

The complete range of Pilot Arts & Crafts Pens is now available to order online, as well in-store and this includes the Pilot Pintor, Fineliner, Lettering, Drawing  and Razor Point pens, suitable for most arts and craft situations

Find out more visiting the Pilot Arts & Crafts Pens product pages here.We’re currently amidst adding the Pilot Fine Writing Range of Pens and Inks including the innovative and classy Capless range of premium fountain pens, before moving on to add Pentel and Winsor & Newton product.

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04-Aug-2022 12:44:01
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