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NEW Brand Standard for AT&C

AT&C Professional Systems Ltd is one of Europe’s leading Audio Visual Technology  and Unified Communications Integrators, delivering complete system solutions into a number of specialised markets including hospitality, corporate, high-street retail and high-end residential.

We were delighted to be called upon by the management team at AT&C to assist with the definition of their new ‘brand standard’ document. Taking input from all departments within the company we were able to recognise the heritage of the company and its continued development to redefine their company strapline for their new logo.

The new logo has been carried forward into new designs for AT&C’s window display graphic for the company headquarters, company proposal documents, email signatures, case study templates and social media profiles, all outlined in AT&C’s new ‘Brand Foundation’ document.

The Brand Foundation document will serve as an ongoing reference for all future creative works to ensure consistency is maintained across all media types.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
30-Jul-2021 10:00:17
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