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New Cyber Security e-Guide from Centrality - Download it Today!

Centrality, a renowned cyber security company with a team of IT security and network experts, located in Bedfordshire and providing services nationwide, has just released its latest e-guide, focusing on the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and network security. This comprehensive resource is a must-have for individuals and businesses alike, providing invaluable insights and practical tips to safeguard against the constant barrage of online attacks.

Available in two easily-digestable parts this guide is broken down in to manageable steps and action points to help your company become better protected against cyber criminals. With cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, it has never been more crucial to stay one step ahead.

Centrality's e-guide offers a holistic approach to cyber security, covering everything from the basics of password protection to more advanced topics such as network encryption and threat intelligence.

For example, do you know;

  • 32% of businesses have suffered a cyber security breach in the last 12 months

  • Only 15% of businesses carried out a cyber security vulnerability audit within the past year

  • Only 1/10 of businesses have stated that they review the risks posed by their immediate suppliers

  • Running internal cyber awareness campaigns can reduce cyber attacks on your business

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Whether you're a business owner or someone responsible for your company's IT security, download this e-guide today, it is your go-to resource for enhancing your cyber defences. Don't let cyber criminals compromise your valuable data - arm yourself with Centrality's e-guide and take control of your digital security today.

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Lisa Spalding
Post by Lisa Spalding
17-Jul-2023 13:00:00
My accounts and administration experience in a number of blue chip organisations has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in many different areas. I am an excellent communicator and have a good understanding of how organisations work, which enables me to provide insightful solutions on complex problems. I am highly organised and have great attention to detail, allowing me to complete projects efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality. I also have strong experience working with Hubspot to provide solutions.