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New eBay Shop for leading UK Stationery and Art Suppliers

We received a call from one of the UK’s leading independent retailers of stationery and art supplies and we were delighted to help them out.

LBM Art & Stationery, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire  is one of the UK’s largest independent retailers for Filofax, Pentel, Pilot and the Winsor & Newton brands.

Operating from Hitchin for nearly 60 years LBM is one of the UK’s first retailers to sell stationery and art products from a physical bricks and mortar high street building, (two buildings) and online via their established e-Bay and Amazon channels.

With a count of more than 250,000 positive feedback responses from happy customers and counting, LBM continues to make great strides in an upward trajectory.

“We have been selling from our high street store since my father founded the business more than fifty years ago and now it is in my hands to continue the great family reputation.

We’ve had to make our products available online, so we have been selling products via ebay and Amazon for a number of years. We called Nick and the team at TGA to improve our ebay store as a first step in improving our online presence and customer experience”.

Paul, Managing Director, LBM, Hertfordshire

Our first step was to update LBM’s product templates for their product descriptions listings in e-bay, at the same time making them mobile-friendly, then we implemented 14-new template designs across more than 600 product listings.

For this we used a technology-based solution, approved by eBay, so future updates can be implemented more easily.

Then we moved on to the job of tackling the store and getting it ready for eBay’s mobile shop layout, providing users with a much more mobile-friendly experience, before making it live with new branding, colours and banner designs.

This project required an attention to detail to ensure each brand LBM represents is reflected as they should be in LBM’s ebay listings.

We also owe a big thanks to the team at Handsome Design UK for their creativity and energy on this project, which was great fun…

Nick, Director

If you think we can help with your e-bay shop, web-store or website, get in touch today. We love helping companies improve their online presence.

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
23-May-2022 11:30:35
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