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New Exhibitor Profiles for ISCEx 2018 Website

New exhibitor profiles have been added to the ISCVEx website, highlighting broader details for each exhibitor planning to attend and exhibit at ISCEx 2018.

ISCEx 2018 is a one day exhibition for Audio manufacturers and distributors, held at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire, with up to 34 of the audio industry's most exciting brands on display. A comprehensive seminar programme runs alongside the exhibition, with hot topics affecting the audio industry being presented.

To find out more, visit the ISCEx 2018 dedicated website, here.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
October 20, 2017
I am dedicated to enabling smart success for others, emphasising the power of creative problem-solving and the importance of providing clarity. By leveraging my strengths, throughout my career, I have excelled in diverse roles, thanks to my meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of business dynamics. You can trust that I consistently deliver value through my experience and expertise.