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New Online Questionnaire for ISCE

We were very pleased to be asked by ISCE, the Institute of Sound & Communications Engineers to produce a new online questionnaire on their behalf recently. 

Nick-Spalding-Ltd---Standards-Questionnaire-for-ISCE-Lets-Start-ImageThe new questionnaire is accessed by members via the ISCE website and can be completed on any computer or device with a web browser.

Members of the ISCE were invited to complete the questionnaire via a personalised e-invitation sent on behalf of the Institute.

Results are collated instantly and published to a spreadsheet, accessed online by approved members of the management teams at the ISCE.

Results are also collated and stored automatically within a secure database within the ISCE's Hubspot CRM, stored online and also accessed by approved members.

Do you need to poll your customers / clients for your business, perhaps we can help you with an online poll, survey or questionnaire?

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
23-Mar-2020 14:00:00
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