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New Website Launch for AT&C Professional Systems Ltd

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for AT&C Professional Systems Ltd, a prominent Audio-Visual integrator based in London, England. The development of this website project spanned more than 12 months, from the initial discussions to the eventual launch. 

This article outlines key steps involved in the replacement of their previous website, which had been online for more than 7 years. The new website is hosted on a high-performance managed VPS server, a component of our hosting management services, ensuring optimal speed and reliability.


The first step for us in any new website discussion is strategy. After being contacted by Richard Newman, Director at AT&C, we engaged in multiple detailed discussions with pivotal members of the AT&C team to delve into the functionalities they desired for their upcoming website. We listened carefully to their requirements before moving onto discussion relating to the overall look and feel of the website.

Based on their input, we identified key elements that were crucial to include in the design, such as responsive modern design, easy navigation, and mobile compatibility. We also took into consideration their target audience and how best to appeal to them visually.

Through this collaborative approach, our team was able to create a solid strategy for the website's development that aligned with AT&C's goals and expectations going forwards.

Sitemap Development

Based on client strategy discussions and a detailed sitemap, our team created wireframe designs using Adobe XD. These wireframes visualised user navigation post-launch, ensuring a seamless experience.

After AT&C's approval, we developed high-fidelity designs with a clean, modern look consistent with the brand. Attention to detail in colour schemes and typography ensured a cohesive, professional website appearance. 

Responsive design principles were implemented for adaptability across devices, providing insight into the website structure.


We created several 'Hero Designs' based on the client's design brief, which we presented to the client. Upon receiving feedback, and several re-designs, we proceeded to develop a bespoke Wordpress Theme, tailored specifically for the client's requirements for development on the staging domain.

Staging Domain

Upon final approval of the sitemap and designs by the client, we initiated the construction of the page templates. Leveraging advanced custom fields, we crafted a coherent layout for easy content addition by the client in the future. 

Additionally, we implemented custom WP menus on the left-hand side of the Wordpress CMS and the CMS dashboard, displaying only the essential features required by the client. This enhancement streamlines the user interface for optimal usability.


To ensure a user-friendly experience, our team paid special attention to the navigation of the website. We implemented clear and intuitive menu options that accurately reflect the services provided by AT&C.

Mobile Compatibility

Our team understood the importance of making AT&C's website mobile-friendly. Using responsive design techniques, we optimised the website for multiple screen sizes and orientations, ensuring a seamless experience for all users regardless of how they access the new website.

Landing Pages

In addition to launching the WordPress website, we developed captivating landing pages in Hubspot to complement the site and offer a seamless user experience. 

The Hubspot Landing pages provide enhanced functionality and engagement, guiding visitors to take actions such as signing up for a newsletter or asking for a written quotation. Each landing page matches the existing website's branding for a cohesive look. 

Integrating these pages created a smooth transition for users to navigate easily. Hubspot's analytics provided insights on visitor behaviour, helping us optimise page performance. This combination of Hubspot and WordPress created a comprehensive online presence, meeting users' needs and expectations with a visually appealing interface.


One of the primary challenges faced in developing AT&C's new website was acquiring content that accurately represents the products and services the company offers to its clients. Due to the sensitive nature of client identities and the confidential work conducted on their behalf, obtaining suitable content is an ongoing challenge.

Furthermore, similar to many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the growth phase, AT&C does not currently have dedicated marketing personnel. This led to individuals already very busy and working within the organisation having to allocate additional time to create and provide content (for which we are extremely grateful).

Consequently, we meticulously curated the images and ensured that these and the written content met a very high standard throughout through thorough proofreading.

Content that truly reflects the high standard of work and the prestige of their clients has been essential  in transforming the website page templates to pages that truly reflect AT&C's high level of service and clients.

New Website Launch

Before launching a WordPress site on a live domain, we take meticulous steps to ensure a smooth transition. An initial crucial step involves creating backups of both the existing and new sites to safeguard content and design. Storing these backups off-server adds another layer of protection in case issues arise during the launch process.

The backups allow us to revert to the previous site version easily if needed, ensuring the hard work invested in designing and developing the new site isn't lost. After creating backups, we proceed with the final launch step by overwriting the existing database, Wordpress files, and new site components on the server.

Overwriting these files seamlessly replaces the old site with the new one, facilitating a smooth transition for both the owner and visitors, preventing disruptions or downtime. This process ensures all site data, including content, images, and settings, transfers to the new version post-launch. Similarly, updating the Wordpress files enhances performance and compatibility with new features and security updates.

By carefully proceeding with these steps, we ensure a successful launch, showcasing the effort put into designing and developing the new site. Now live on its domain, the site is ready to engage users and achieve its goals.

Post Launch

Often companies view the launch of their new website as the end of their project rather than the beginning. Thankfully the team at AT&C are forward thinking enough to realise the project is ongoing and will require regular updates to keep the new website alive with fresh content.

Once a new site has launched we always upload the most recent sitemap to Google Search Console, redirect old pages to new ones, and ensure all pages are indexed by search engines. 

Additionally, in this case we shall continue to work closely with the client to proofread and incorporate new content on their website. We are also exploring additional improvements to expand AT&C's online presence and boost their effectiveness in handling new business inquiries.

In Summary

This project has been a true test of endurance rather than a quick sprint, but thanks to the dedication of our design and web development teams, as well as the AT&C team, we have successfully brought it to fruition. We are all thrilled with the aesthetics and functionality of the new website.

If you need help getting your new company website project moved forwards, we are here to help - chat to our team today.

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
March 4, 2024
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