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Perfect Octave partners with QSC and Audiologic

Perfect Octave, premier background music service provider, partners with Audiologic and QSC Q-SYS to provide unique background music system solutions for single and multi-zone projects in commercial applications.

This new agreement aims to simplify the provision of licensed background music for businesses, hotels, restaurants, bars and visitor attraction theme parks, capitalising on a unique module available within QSC’s widely acclaimed Q-SYS AV software-based ecosystem. The new solution makes it simpler for integrators and operators to play curated, play-listed and fully licensed music from directly within a sound system’s audio processor.

Advanced music and mix scheduling, legal playlist imports from other third party providers including Spotify®, Apple Music® or Napster® (and others) and fully customisable control can all be achieved without needing to install multiple ‘boxes’ from third party music providers.

Music to match brand standards

Peter Sheppard, Technical Director for Perfect Octave comments, ‘In recent years the massive shift in how businesses and users play and experience music has been triggered by the growth of streaming services’.

‘Streaming music services allows us as a provider to match music playlists to a brand’s standard and more significantly customer and staff demographics. Through the use of curated playlists, brands and businesses have opportunities to evoke emotions with listeners at any given time, even when the customer has left the store or venue’, adds Sheppard.

“This solution we have developed to ‘sit inside’ Q-SYS’s ecosystem is exciting for all parties. It allows integrators to provide licensed music solutions easily and reduces the hardware/infrastructure requirements for business operators’, continues Sheppard.

Audiologic adds Value

Audiologic is the perfect partner to offer this simple licensed music solution as part of their high-level service capability for clients.

Ben Spurgeon, Senior Application Engineer at Audiologic is equally enthusiastic: “The unique benefit here is that usually this sort of service requires dedicated streaming hardware, whereas we can achieve this with existing Q-SYS Cores.

This allows us full control of the background music via a Q-SYS touchscreen running a custom UCI and we can match it to any styling requirements. Equally important is the fact we can easily add this to any existing Core deployments we have out there”, concludes Spurgeon



A Perfect fit!

Peter Sheppard concludes: “We’re excited to be working with Audiologic with this solution. Integrating licensed music sources for customers in a business environment can be challenging, as many services require multiple third-party boxes and offer little to no control for the integrator or end-user. Our solution changes that and Audiologic has resources and the teams in place to understand and deploy the benefits of licensed music for business running on Q-SYS, so this is a natural fit for us.”

In the current time, music creates a positive sense of belonging and participation. When public spaces become fully accessible again the continued enjoyment of music in all its forms will become of even greater importance.

About Perfect Octave

Perfect Octave is a premier licensed background music provider with an eye for detail, delivering first-rate music services to businesses in hotels, hospitality, retail, leisure and corporate markets. We make music work for business. Customer service is our key differentiator, for us customers and customer service comes first, everything else second.

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About Audiologic

Audiologic has led the market in recent years providing innovative audiovisual services to enhance the visitor experience in public spaces and large venues. Founded in 2004, the Company is a highly respected UK-based solutions provider for world-leading manufacturers of audio equipment known for their high standards of performance, flexibility, and reliability.

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