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Raynes Park High School

Q4 2016, Raynes Park High School recruit the services of specialist AV installer Clarity in Sound Light & Vision Ltd to install a Cloud multi-zone paging system across five separate buildings, providing zonal back-ground music, multi-zone paging systems and wireless roaming microphone facility to work alongside Bosch Plena fire-alarm system.

Raynes Park High School is a mixed comprehensive school for 12-16 year old pupils able to accommodates up to 1400 pupils. Currently employing 120 members of staff the school is proud to offer pupils access to an on-site Autism Centre, SEND Department, Sixth Form and Sports Centre.

The paging systems implemented by Clarity in Sound, Light & Vision allow the school to page zones individually or call-all zones. Staff can make announcements in all of the separate buildings to the main building, including the Sixth Form block, the sports hall and the D&T building, in addition to the sports fields and playground areas.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
19-Dec-2016 13:55:27
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