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SoundMachine App for iOS and Android released

The SoundMachine Player app allows you to play fully licensed music for your business. Log in to the app with your SoundMachine username and password and enjoy all the content from the web platform on your phone or tablet.

Available through Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

The app allows access to all your mixes and schedules from your phone, You can have them available to play directly on your app or assign them to users.

You can also assign music to any user with SoundMachine software: see what station they have assigned or update them, allowing you to control every location and every zone from the palm of your hand, assign mixes, schedules or stations.

Manage the SoundMachine player remotely, both for the main account and users, choose what music is playing and change it any time.

Like and Block songs directly from the app.

What is SoundMachine?

SoundMachine brings commercial background music to the fore with a subscription-based service that gives business owners everything they need to create a seamless, engaging and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas or other locations.

Features for all plans:

- Public Performance licensing in the UK, Europe, US and Canada

- Access to SoundMachine’s collection of professionally curated playlists

- Mix playlists to create the perfect audio backdrop

- Insert promotional messages

- Schedule different types of music for different times of day

- Control music in multiple locations from a central account

Subscribers receive access to an expanded catalog of millions of songs and hundreds of curated stations, along with the ability to create their own custom stations starting from a single artist or song and building a consistent mood.

The service is fully licensed for business use within your commercial environment. 

The SoundMachine service for businesses is available exclusively in the UK from Perfect Octave. Further information can be found here, along with a sign up for a free music for business trial for 7 days. Find out more here....

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
22-Jun-2019 08:54:00
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