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Stand Graphics for Cloud at ISE 2020

We were delighted to help Cloud Electronics recently, producing the stand graphics for their exhibition stand at this year's Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, which ran from 11-14th February 2020.

At fairly short notice we were able to provide print-ready artwork to Cloud's stand contractor for the exhibition, in readiness for the show. They provided us scaled drawings of their vision for the stand and we were able to provide scaled, print ready artwork for them to print in single panels for the stand.

Attendances at this year's ISE were affected by coronavirus, as exhibitors and visitors, particularly from overseas, chose to stay away, however attendances were still reported in excess of 50,000+ during the course of the event.


We were unable to join the Cloud team, pictured below, at this year's event, however we understand they were overrun with visitors on most days, with particular interest shown in their new Contractor series of products launched at the show.


Thanks to Richard Grevelink from Audio Integrate for sharing these great pictures with us.

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Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
14-Feb-2020 14:30:00
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