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Are You Ready to Work Differently?

If we keep doing things the same way we've always done them....we'll always get the same results. And why should we change when we've always done it like this....? 

Face to Face Meetings in Declineac10de90-8665-49d5-9e3c-be4b8d6b1428

In this ever changing business is critical companies change how they do things if they are to survive. And I don't necessarily mean pivot in a completely different direction but instead look at how they reach customers and maintain presence.

For B2c companies, e-commerce and strong digital presence must be on point more than ever

Which means having slick e-comm websites,  strategic PPC campaigns, SEO strategies and re-targeting.

For B2B companies having improved online presence becomes more critical. Let's face it, 67% of the buying process, including research, is carried out online.

With face-to-face meeting time likely to reduce over the next 12-24 months, companies and sales reps need to rethink their plans.


Exhibitions are Dead Right Now

Exhibitions are DEAD right now and the question is, will they ever fully recover? If so, how long before they can?

And I don't mean to be a sanctimonious old git but we have been preaching this for a while now, it just seems more pertinent now, in view of recent events and Covid-19.

Technology platforms like Zoom, Vidyard, Loom, Slack make it even easier to 'have presence' with customers and clients from afar.

And, isn't it ironic to continue to have exhibitions promoting video conferencing (and other technologies) attended by 40,000+ physical visitors. I can't be the only one seeing the irony in that, surely?

Now is a good time for a re-think on massive exhibition spends when resources can be re-allocated more cost effectively and more efficiently.


Time to think DifferentlyNick-Spalding---Time-to-think-differently-image

Companies need to think differently about sales and marketing approaches going forwards.

When field sales reps become internal or home based, it is even more critical for processes, systems and unified CRM's to be in place to maximise sales and marketing efforts.

For business owners attribution reporting showing ROI becomes more significant for remote workers too.

Sales and marketing personnel need to find new ways to engage and nurture customers using online presentations, video content, training materials, infographics, white papers, case studies and so on.

They need to be able to do this well digitally and remotely.

Sales-reps must take advantage of sending one-to-one personalised videos in inbound and outbound communications and  automation and sequences for emails, makes ever increasing sense.

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20-Mar-2020 09:30:00
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