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Web Server Upgrades for our Managed Web Services clients

We recently upgraded a number of our clients web servers to provide faster page-load speeds and other benefits, including off-server back ups, for their websites. We upgraded the web servers, without service interruption, as we feel it is important to regularly update them in line with technology developments.

For our clients hosting websites with us, our managed web services include server PHP upgrades, core WordPress upgrades as well as WP theme and plugin updates to ensure our client’s websites are delivering high-speed performance. We also perform regular off-server back ups for complete peace of mind.As part of our managed web services we choose to use tsoHost, one of the original UK located web service providers, with their head office in Hayes, Hillingdon serving more than 250,000 clients.

TSO Host provide excellent web services and we’ve been working with them for more than ten years. When we originally started providing hosting services they were owned by Paragon Internet Group and their web servers have always been located in the UK, which was a big-plus for us and our clients.

We particularly like that TSO Host are operating on the same timezone as us if ever we need to reach out for support.


So why is Web Hosting and the provider you choose important?

Cloud Hosting was launched as a service by tsoHost in 2008 and we originally used this service for a number of clients in our early days.

We later migrated our clients websites on to Business Hosting services, now known as Web Server Plus, with the advantage of CPanel management and lower contention ratios. Instead of sharing cloud hosting with zillions of other websites on the same resources with tsoHost’s Web Server Plus service they dedicate a chosen number of CPU’s, memory (RAM) and storage (GB) to each client, dependent upon requirements and budget.

For larger clients, with more resource hungry websites and larger budgets we recommend and use tsoHost’s Fully Managed VPS Linux servers with CPanel/WHM access. These servers tends to cost more but include higher numbers of CPU’s, memory (RAM) and storage. They also provide a minimum of 1 Gbit/s unlimited bandwidth and additional IP’s (for managing back-end services and integrations).

Beyond this tsoHost also offers Dedicated Servers but to date we do not yet manage any websites requiring this level of service.


“I’ve always found the team at tsoHost to be available to offer advice based on clients requirements and direct us towards the correct level of service. Technical and Customer support has always been brilliant too. ”

Nick Spalding, Director, TGA

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
05-May-2022 16:47:52
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