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The Best Website Hosting

High-Speed Hosting vs Low-Cost Hosting

Search the internet and you will find lots of offers of low-cost website hosting plans. These are typically shared cloud hosting schemes, which in our opinion are okay for getting started, but if you want to get your website performing well and ranking highly, you will need fast page-load speeds. One of the sure-fire ways to achieve that is with high-speed hosting.

Low-cost shared hosting plans do not provide this and ideally, for greater general and search engine performance, your website should be hosted on a shared VPS server or greater.

Being on a shared VPS server limits the number of other websites that are sharing your website hosting server. You should even consider dedicated VPS ’s or Physical servers, if your budget will run to it, where yours is the only website running on a server.

Our favourite hosting provider is TSO Host.

TSO Host are owned by Paragon Internet Group Ltd and their data centres are located in the UK and Eastern-Europe. This is important if you want UK Search Engine optimisation and your clients are located in the UK.

TSO Host’s Support is excellent too, they are on the same timezone as us, consequently we have never been found wanting.

Check out pricing plans for VPS or Dedicated Servers if you manage your hosting directly.

If you'd like us to improve your website hosting for you drop us a line for our competitive VPS plans with TSO Host, where your website can be hosted on its own server or shared with limited numbers of other websites to improve your website performance, using the latest high speed processors, unlimited bandwidth and high-speed performance.

Nick Spalding
Post by Nick Spalding
21-Mar-2018 08:00:42
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