How well is your website SEO working?

Posted by: Nick Spalding Category: Handy Tips, Hubspot, SEO, Websites

Hubspot recently upgraded their SEO tools, designed to assist with the complex task of SEO planning  when building and managing a website and we have to say at first sight, we love the new tools.

SEO Planning

With the Hubspot SEO planning tool it is possible to map out your website pillar page content and cluster topics content in a very strategic manner. With search engines ranking and rewarding websites whose content is organised by topics, Hubspot’s content strategy tool makes it easy to discover and rank for topics which matter for you and your potential customers.

We love that you can easily check which words and phrases offer the most relevance, competition and popularity which enables you to create clusters of web pages and blog content around core topics you wish your website to rank and be found for.

We made this short video here to explain it further.

Watch Video

SEO Recommendations

In addition to the SEO planning tool within Hubspot, the SEO recommendations tool now makes it possible to scan URL’s that are not hosted within Hubspot. For a Hubspot Agency Partner like us this allows us to potentially scan websites of our clients not hosted within Hubspot CMS and provide them with some fairly detailed insights into the SEO practices of their website.

We’ve already used it to improve the SEO practices on some of our clients websites and we are currently working through our own (this website) to do the same.

SEO is Critical for being found

If you want your website to be found by potential new clients adopting a clear SEO strategy is critical from the outset. Without one your website/product/service might never be found, and what a waste of greatness that might turn out to be.

If you’d like us to run a review of your website’s SEO, just click here.